Pest Solution



1. Corrective – Termite Infested Treatment


Drilling Method – Drilling of 2.0cm. holes at 60cm. apart and 15cm. away from the walls on all concrete external areas of building structure with the used of portable hammer drills. At interior, along door jambs and other termite entry points are also to be drilled (when needed) and/or injected with Termiticide solution.

2. Monitoring and Baiting System (Terminator Tube & Lure Box)


The Terminator Tube’s bait uses an organic termite attracting formula that gives off a phermone which attracts termites. Terminator Tube not only eliminates the colonies, but most importantly, provides a full property defence system which keeps new termite infestation at bay.

System can create full barrier defence. Bait material comprises of natural timber and an organic termite attractant. Less invasive to your property (no drilling, no spraying of poison chemicals).

3. Lure Box


The Lure Box which is self watering is used for the termites affected inside the homes or building’s. The lure box is installed in such places and it works in the same principle as that of the Terminator Tube.

*Both Termite Treatment Methods will be issued with Two (2) – Five (5) Years Warranty Certificate for re-treatment on infested area in the unlikely event of termite attack on the structure within this period. Also, free inspection will be carried out during the warranty period.