Termite Control


Termites, the most destructive timber pest in the world, build their colonies in the soil and usually work their way above ground to reach wood or any other cellulose source. In search for food, subterranean termites will forage into homes from below the ground level right up to the highest point of the roof thrust. Termite damage can become significant on wooden door frames, kitchen cabinets, staircase and timber flooring as well.

Why Choose EMQUA for Termite Control?

Termite control would be most effective if it is carried out by experienced and professionally trained technicians who understand the biology and living/feeding habits of termites, on top of thorough observation of the building’s construction, soil characteristics and favourable conditions for infestation. Your property is an important investment which you would want to protect and maintain. Throughout the years, many property owners and industries alike, have entrusted EMQUA to deal with their termite problems. Consider EMQUA for termite treatment that are specifically designed for different needs and preferences.

Termite Elimination System

Mode of Action:

  • Active ingredient is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) inhibiting chitin synthesis (CSI).
  • Chitin is the main component on exoskeletons of all insects.
  • IGR prevent termites from forming new exoskeletons.
  • The AI will distrupt and hinder the growth of termites.
  • Eventually kill them as they attempt to molt.
  • Poison colony suffers from food shortage.

The benefits:

  • Does not cause damage to property (tiles, cabinet, door, frame).
  • Cost effective to owners – no necessary to change tile.
  • Safe, clean and odourless.
  • No hassle – no sound pollution and clean.
  • Proven method to eliminate termite.
Early sign of success:

  • Termites are disoriented.
  • Ratio soldier to worker increase (more soldier than worker). Generally approx. 70-80% of the population of termites are workers, others approx. 30-20%.
  • Noticeable in the low activity of termite, slow movement.
  • No ‘Clicking’ sound from the bait station.
  • Dead termites, dry and with fungus.
  • Eventually workers and soldiers termite are visible in the station.